7 Home Maintenance Musts for the Summer

With longer days ahead, summer is a great time to get going on some home projects. Checks these to-dos off your list to keep your home in top shape for the season.

Air Conditioning. Remove and clean the filters. A clean filter will provide cleaner, cooler air and save you money on your energy bills. Schedule a maintenance check with a professional to avoid issues with the A/C when the temperatures rise. Additionally, clean your ceiling fans to remove dust build up. Fans should also be set to rotate counterclockwise in the summer so that cooler air is pushed down.

Smoke Detectors. Do a test of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replace the batteries if needed.

Lawn. Add a layer of mulch. Extra mulch helps to fight off weeds and helps soil retain moisture during the hot summer months. Trim bushes and plants, especially those around the A/C unit.

Gutters. If you didn’t clean out your gutters in the Spring, make sure you do it in the Summer. Properly working gutters channel water away from the home. Clogged gutters can cause mold and mildew issues – clean now to avoid expensive repairs later.

Grill. Deep clean your grill to get ready for summer cook-outs. If you have a gas grill, close the lid and crank up the heat for 30 minutes; once it cools, brush off with a grill brush and clean or replace the drip pan. If you have a charcoal grill, remove any remaining charcoal, wipe the interior with soap and water, and replace with new charcoal once completely dry.

Deck/Patio. Replace rotting boards, hammer in any nails that are loose, and check to see if it needs to be resealed. Rule for resealing: if you pour water on the deck and it pools, you’re good; if the water sinks into the wood, you should reseal the deck. Also, give your deck and patio areas a good soap and water washing to remove any dirt and grime. You may even want to go all-in and consider re-staining if paint is wearing thin.

Insects. Summer is the worst time for these unwanted pests! Make sure to schedule pest control or DIY with pest removal sprays. Keep bugs at bay by adding fresh caulking around windows and doors to help seal those narrow gaps. Other things that may help: make sure trash bins are sealed tight, do away with any yard debris, and keep your yard mowed.

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